Farewell to vizzN

Wed 19th Sep 2018 - 5:10am

Jake, or otherwise known online as "vizzN", has been an important part of Avant Gaming's social media game over the past couple months. We here at Avant Gaming are extremely content focused and we can't thank Jake enough for his ongoing support of being able to cover our social media platforms during the times we most need him. 

We brought Jake on as a Social Media Intern to teach him the traits of a social media expert and we can happily say that he succeeded in doing so. Our main intentions with this role was to find someone who wants to enter the social media side of esports and help create a stepping stone for them to move on into a paid role somewhere in the industry. With that being said, we hope that he can take this skill set and use it to his full potential at his new position as the Social Media Manager of Athletico, another Australian esports organisation. 

Benji, our Social Media Manager, had this to say about Jake: 

"I've been working with Jake for quite sometime now, even before Avant, and I can happily say that he fitted right into his role here. It's definitely sad to see him go, but I'm extremely excited to see that he has made a name for himself and is moving onto a solid looking brand. I wish you nothing but the best Jake!" 

From all of us here at Avant Gaming, congratulations and good luck with your new role!

For those who are interested, we will be looking at bringing on someone to fill Jake's previous position; so do keep your eyes peeled.

AV Management.




Ben Scott