About Us

Established in 2013, Avant Gaming is one of Australia's and New Zealand’s leading esports organisations. We invest, develop, and nurture professional gaming teams and personalities across multiple esports titles. With the rapid global expansion of esports, Avant gaming have set strategic goals and continue to build strong partnerships alongside our partners Bastion Collective which support substantial growth, and put Avant Gaming at the the forefront of esports in Australia and New Zealand.

“To build Australian esports and to promote gaming in all its forms through passionate representation and dedicated management.”

With over 28,000 followers on social media, Avant Gaming keeps our fans up to date with the latest news on games and events, as well as the progress and stories of our professional players. We create unique and engaging digital content unlike any other esports organisation in our region- creating meaningful engagement with our fans and telling the unique stories of our players through their triumphs, struggles and daily lives in esports.

Avant Gaming is proud of all of our players for their achievements, and we are especially grateful to all of the fans who make these achievements meaningful.


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